Veltrim Carpet Lining & Adhesive

We only sell the original Veltrim Easy Trim four-way stretch carpet which is perfect for automotive applications and is available in a choice of five colours.

The pliable carpet is easily manipulated around wheel arches, vehicle metal work, side panels and a whole host of other automotive & marine applications.

VW T5 Fitted with Anthracite Carpet Lining & Light Grey Altro Flooring

We also offer a Carpet Lining Service

Trim-fix high temp spray adhesive 500ml can (Commercial quality)

Used by the profesionals for vehicle interiors, headlining, carperting, fabric & leather aplications.

Trim-fix will bond to leather, fabrics, foam, carpets, wood, metal, plastics, glass and rubber, it is the perfect solution for caravans, mobile homes, camper vans, boats, ect.

The canister comes with an adjustable nozzle to give the required spray width.


Check out our You Tube videos on…  How to carpet a VW T5 wheel arch   How to carpet a VW T4 front cab

Visit our Online Shop for Carpet Lining & Contact Adhesive 


4 thoughts on “Veltrim Carpet Lining & Adhesive

  1. Hi there, I’m looking at using
    Veltrim in the rear of a transit and have a question about the adhesive – do you need to anyway prepare the surfaces of the van before you spray the adhesive to it or is it just applied to the rear of the veltrim and then pressed into place?
    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi Simon,

    No you dont need to prep the surfaces just make sure that its clean, dry and containment free.

    Spray both surfaces with the adhesive then let it become touch dry then press firmly together.

    We are here to help, so if you require any assistance when fitting please feel free to call us and speak to one of our experienced fitters.

    Vanguard Fitter

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