VW T5 SWB Day Van

Black T5 Day Van/Surf Bus.

First job was to remove the old floor, side  panels and head lining. Next fit the Insulation, a combination of Foil Backed Bubble Insulation and off the Roll Insulation with a R-Value of 3.40 this is the equivalent to a modern built house.

Next job is to Carpet Line the wall panels and to trim the metal frame work of the van. I like to trim out the van sides in one piece so there is no joints just seamless trim, yeah it uses more carpet but the finish is far better.

High Temperature Spray Adhesive bonds the carpet to the frame and wall panels giving a long lasting durable finish.

The floor is then fitted with Insulation then a 12mm ply sub floor before fitting the Altro Anti Slip Flooring.

Then back in with the headlining fitted with 12v 45mm Recessed Spot LED Lights controlled by a Remote Keyfob Dimmer.

We  removed the front seats and fitted two bucket type seats on Swivel Bases to give it a sporty look then in with the Black out Curtains, a Sliding/Folding Table with a Power Point on either side.

The next job was to fit the Full Width Crash Tested Bed a great alternative to the Remio seats saving a few hundred pounds.

Just the rear speakers to fit for the sound system and then that’s the interior just about finished.

Now the styling, the van is sat on VW 18″ Sportsline Alloys and Continental tyres as well as a rear spoiler and the Stainless Steel Side Bars.

Lowered 40mm front and back with uprated springs to give a more responsive ride, Chrome Front grille, Clear Indicators and Colour Coded Front and Rear Bumper to give the finishing touches.

The last job was to fit the DVD/Sat Nav double din head unit.

What a cracking van its just a shame I have to give it back…


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