New Campervan Furniture

Light Weight Campervan Furniture

We have a new range of  light weight Campervan Furniture available soon in five colours, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Carbon, Walnut or Beach.  CAD designed and CNC cut this new range of furniture is precise clean cut and easy to assemble.

The range will include the classic campervan style furniture set up for the Waeco CR50 fridge also set up to take the Smev 9222 Gas Hob and Sink Combo.

Are you a Surfer, Boarder, Kiter, Windsurfer, well this one may be for you… Its the classic style camper like above but the difference is that this is completely open from the rear allowing you up to 9 foot of space even for your long-board.

Also in the range of Campervan Furniture are two kitchen pods one to take a Waeco CR-50 fridge and one with a cupboard instead.

Need more cupboard space in your VW T4/T5 our overhead lockers for the rear of your van will give you that extra storage space you need.

Our Campervan Furniture will be available in early April, through our Online Store, it can also b installed by us.


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